Hair-raising science show for Manchester school pupils
Friday, Jul 14, 2017
  • Pupils enjoy hair-raising experiments with electricity during school science show
  • National Grid working locally on £3m project to upgrade power lines
  • Work will keep the lights on and maintain National Grid’s outstanding record for reliability of supply

Pupils at Broad Oak Primary School in East Didsbury enjoyed a hair-raising visit from a bunch of mad scientists during a special class on electricity recently.

National Grid is currently working on refurbishing the overhead power line which runs between substations at Bredbury and Sale and so organised the show to teach children about some interesting aspects of the science behind electricity.

During the event staged by Mad Science, 51 pupils from two classes learned about static electricity, using a metal ball to show how static could make hair stand on end. They also had the chance to use a Van de Graaf generator to create the electrostatic energy required for the experiment and learned about chemical luminescence.

Kevin Corteen, Headteacher said: “It was a great way for the children to understand some of the science behind electricity which is something we all use day in and day out and very much take for granted. The visit from the mad scientists really brought it to life for our pupils.”

Ryan Hatcher, National Grid Project Manager said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to show the children the importance of the work we are doing locally to replace equipment on 30 electricity pylons to keep them working efficiently.

“Our upgrade to the electricity network will ensure communities across Manchester and beyond will have a reliable source of electricity for many years to come.”

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