Schneider Electric launches Digital Substation solution to enhance user experience, optimise operations & strengthen substation security
Thursday, Jun 15, 2017
EcoStruxure Substation Operation joins the company’s IoT-enabled system architecture to maximise protection and interoperability of critical energy infrastructures.

With the spotlight on increasing grid security concerns, rising and changing energy demand, and growing network complexity as distributed energy resources surge, substation engineering and control is a key requirement for those responsible for operating and protecting critical energy infrastructures. Schneider Electric’s latest edge control technology, EcoStruxure Substation Operationenjoys a central position in the pursuit of cutting-edge distribution grid security, simplicity, and interoperability.

At the very heart of transmission and distribution grids, EcoStruxure Substation Operation prioritises continuity of supply while protecting people and infrastructure. Additionally, it bridges a crucial gap between connected, communicating network equipment and the apps, analytics, and services that converts data into useful and actionable information. Those insights pave the way for superior grid efficiency, minimise network outages, situational response planning, condition monitoring and asset performance management.

“There’s no doubt, the digital substation is the headlining act with respect to advanced electrical grid efficiency,” said Jérome de Parscau, Schneider Electric’s Energy Digital Solutions SVP. “That involves end-to-end cyber security, integration and communication across different devices and systems, streamlined connections with the control room, and a unique capability for optimised asset management.”

Taking its place among the wider IoT environment, alongside Schneider Electric’s state-of-the-art Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), EcoStruxure Substation Operation is part of the comprehensive EcoStruxure Grid architecture, in which the company continues to develop and leverage advancements in IoT.

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Substation Operation is a truly digital evolution of PACiS technology, the proven solution for substation automation, transforming substations into data hubs for utility systems, including grid operation and asset performance management systems.

EcoStruxure Substation Operation:

  • relies on modern data acquisition at process level and makes information visible for utility crews anywhere, at any time on their mobile devices thanks to associated suite of smart applications. 
  • offers multi-dimensional interoperability compliance with IEC 61850 edition 2 and is supported by EcoStruxure Grid Engineering Advisor for enhanced engineering and modelling capabilities. 
  • contributes to improve system resiliency ensuring operational continuity, positive corporate image and regulatory compliance.

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